Uninhabited Planet Survive!
Uninhabited Planet Survive!
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It is the 22nd century where anti-gravity and warp travel are commonplace. However, the green Earth only exists in history book, people live in space colonies instead. Luna is a transfer student whose parents passed away when she was young, leaving her alone with her robotic cat Chako. Her dream is to become space exploration expert like her parents. A mistake during a school trip strands her and six of her classmates on a seemingly uninhabited planet. Here she must lead the introvert Shaara, the mechanic expert Shingo, the quiet Kaoru, the spoiled Howard, the obedient Bell, and the prideful Menori in s battle for their survival.
Released Oct 16, 2003
Runtime 25min
Genre Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Actor Yukiko Iwai, Mabuki Ando, Kiyoe Koiizuka
Director N/A
Production Telecom Animation Film